Mohinder Jaimangal


Mohinder is the co-founder and CEO of Curve Tomorrow, a digital health technology company aimaed at significantly impacting the lives of 1 billion people. Mohinder grew up in Melbourne as a first-generation immigrant from Guyana in South America. Having seen the in-equity in the world through his childhood, Mohinder turned his passion into action after a quarter-life crisis trek through the Himalayas. In 2009, using his entrepreneurial experience and robotics background, Mohinder set himself a life goal of providing equitable healthcare across the world and started Curve Tomorrow.

Since 2009, Curve has built over 30 digital health products, working with over 50 health partners to impact over 250,000 people. Mohinder’s current focus is improving health outcomes and equity through value-based healthcare digital ideas and products.

Mohinder currently sits on the board of WeGuide, a patient engagement platform company, spun out from Curve Tomorrow and Classroom of Hope, a non-profit organisation that builds schools and distributes scholarships in rural parts of developing countries.

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