About the IDHC

The Indo-Asia Digital Health Centre for Innovation and Commercialisation (IDHC) is a not-for-profit entity, committed to improving the quality and accessibility of healthcare and health systems using digital health and telemedicine solutions.

The vision of the IDHC is to support Digital Health and Telemedicine Innovations from bench to bedside in order to create a sustainable, evidence-based, high-quality health system and digital health industry – exporting WA innovations and creating WA jobs.

IDHC aims to connect medical doctors, clinicians, researchers, institutions, philanthropists (national and international) develop multi-disciplinary partnerships to create successful commercial ventures in WA and Indo-Asia.

IDHC will also bring together key stakeholders in Western Australia with interest in improving digital health through research, education and training; including universities, medical research institutes, public and private health care service providers, primary care and community health entities, consumers and Government agencies.

Our Goals

Support clinicians to materialise ideas

Innovate from bench to bedside

Foster collaboration and innovation

raising awareness of the sector


educate and train

Develop trade

Creatre WA jobs

Warren Harding


Prof Ralph Martins AO


Prof Yogi Yogesan


Ella Dachs


Prof Fiona Wood AO

Acting chair

Partners & Supporters