Dr Jeremy Parry


Jeremy is a Consultant Anatomical Pathologist with a background in clinical medicine and science who has immersed himself in digital pathology and artificial intelligence over the last five years. He now divides his time between reporting pathology cases, doing collaborative research in machine learning, and developing his own company.



Digital transformation in a multi-site healthcare organisation -the early steps

Digital technologies are progressively transforming traditional models of healthcare, offering new approaches to disease diagnosis, data handling and the delivery of care. Radiology, an early adopter of digital imaging, is already embracing artificial intelligence (AI) applications to augment its human resources, while pathology has only recently begun to take its first steps. Pathology service providers increasingly will be confronted with a smorgasbord of digital platform and service options, all heavily spruiked, in which the promised benefits will need to be balanced against a realistic assessment of how effectively they can be engineered into clinical workflows and how much those workflows can be improved. This talk will examine the broad topic of the adoption of digital pathology with reference to the experience of Healius, a healthcare provider with multiple services and sites throughout Australia, and will argue that, handled correctly, digital pathology has the potential to transform pathology services in ways that benefit patients, clinicians and pathology service providers.