Colin Pudsey


SilVRAdventures is improving the quality of life and well-being for older adults through immersive virtual reality experiences. Since establishing in 2019 we have taken thousands of older adults on meaningful virtual journeys across Australia and New Zealand. With a focus on emotive, story driven content our library is full of hundreds of hours of experiences crafted especially for older adults. Whether it’s completing a bucket list item like sky diving, visiting an old family home across the world, or going on a grand travel adventure we cater to all needs.At SilVR Adventures we believe that the most powerful experiences are those that we share with others, that’s why our virtual reality solution is built for group sessions, so older adults can see the world alongside their friends and family. The real magic of virtual reality happens after the headsets come off, as participants bond and connect over powerful shared experiences. It’s these shared moments that really prove VR’s value with older adults, especially those experiencing isolation and loneliness.



Bringing Joy Through Meaningful VR Experiences

We are seeking to improve the access of people living with dementia to holistic and supportive virtual reality experiences. Traditional content can prove un-stimulating, confusing and overwhelming for person’s living with dementia and so special care must be paid to allow people living with dementia the same access to the benefits of virtual reality as those without cognitive impairment.In order to deliver meaningful and appropriate virtual reality experiences to people living with dementia, a comprehensive set of content principles must be established. These principles must serve as a guide in the design of content specifically for individuals living with dementia. This presentation will lead to the development of further dementia-tailored experiences from VR companies such as SilVR Adventures and will facilitate further research into dementia enabling media and content to improve quality of life.