Samara Lattimer


Samara Lattimer, Senior Manager, Healthcare of Akkodis UK, has been at the forefront of providing and developing solutions to respond to the pace of change across England’s NHS Trusts. In her front row seat, she often hears about the barriers to developing the UK’s digital future for its patients and caregivers. She shares in the same view as Harvard Business Review who remarked that “Digital Transformation is about Talent, not technology”. Samara and her team at Akkodis are proud to be working with customers to design and deliver solutions that enable them to accelerate, innovate and grow.

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Frontline Digitisation in England’s NHS

The National Programme for IT (NPfIT) was launched by the UK Government in 2002 with a budget of £6.2bn. It sought via a top-down approach to digitize healthcare in England’s National Health Service (NHS). NPfIT was officially dismantled in 2011 and its ultimate demise sparked a lot of interest as to the reasons why. At the forefront to the circumstances around the underlying causes was the lack of end user engagement, an underestimation of the scale of the project and the absence of phased change management approach. In 2022, the government launched its Plan for Digital Health and Social Care with eight goals and priorities to support its agenda on Frontline Digitisation. In the same year, researchers at The King’s Fund found that the public satisfaction with the NHS amongst the British public was at its lowest level in 25 years.

Is tech the solution… or the problem?