Colleen Birchley


Colleen Birchley has been an employee of Telstra Corporation since 2012 and has been working for Telstra Health since 2015 where she took on the role of General Manager, Virtual Care Solutions before moving into the role of General Manager, Primary and Community Health. Colleen also leads the Transformation Office where she is responsible for the delivery of leading a program to ensure the organisation is able to deliver its strategy through executive-led initiatives.

Colleen has deep expertise in working with rural and remote communities as part of her Virtual Care and Primary and Community leadership roles. In her role with Communicare, Australia’s leading, digital care solution for community and health services, Colleen and her team provide a software solution that particularly benefits Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations who deal with complex care needs in Indigenous and remote communities.

Colleen has a diverse background that spans commercial, operational and clinical areas including roles as a Registered Nurse in Queensland. More recently Colleen has used her clinical, technology and operational background to lead teams to deliver the implementation and management of significant product and services projects to market.

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