Speaker Presentations

Digital Health and Telemedicine 2020
Remote Monitoring of Chronic Disease using Mobile Health Solutions: Lessons Learned from Gippsland

Alyce Cumin – Manager of Digital Health and Integration, Gippsland PHN

Tim Blake – Managing Director, Semanti Consulting

The Effect of Telemonitoring on Compliance with Daily Weighing in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure

A/Prof Andrew Maiorana – Exercise Physiologist, Fiona Stanley Hospital and Curtin University

Electronic prescriptions for Australia

Andrew Matthews – Director of Medicines Safety, Australian Digital Health Agency

Mindful Digital Innovation & COVID

Dr Andrew Miller – President, Australian Medical Association WA

On the Air Online: Hearing Considerations in Tele-Health

Dr Cathy Sucher – Senior Clinical Audiologist, Ear Science Institute Australia

Maddison Brennan – Research and Clinical Audiologist, Ear Science Institute Australia

Innovation in Aged Care

Chris How – CEO, Bethanie

Building a Digital Future for WA Health

Dr David Russell-Weisz – Director General, Department of Health WA

Improving Human Diagnosis of ECG using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Prof David Playford – Professor of Cardiology, University of Notre Dame

Mindful Digital Innovation & COVID

Prof Girish Dwivedi – Professor of Cardiology, Fiona Stanley Hospital/ University of Western Australia/ Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research

The Case for Intelligent Procedural Packaging

Gregg Boalch – Managing Director, Caretech Services

Aboriginal Telemedicine Experience during Covid-19

Dr Harry Randhawa – CEO, Wheatbelt Health Network

Hallee Collard – Patient Services Officer, Wheatbelt Health Network

Shannon Boundry – Project Officer, Wheatbelt Health Network

AI & Automation that Maximise Impact

Dr Jack Tan – Chief Medical Officer, TeleMedC

Digital transformation – Shaping the Future of European Healthcare

Karen Taylor – Director, Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions

WACHS Command Centre supporting front-line country clinicians in acute patient care

Kylie Bosich – Director, WACHS Command Centre

Donna Rogers – Acting Director, WACHS Command Centre

How can we optimise primary health care in the digital environment?

Learne Durrington – CEO, WA Primary Health Alliance

Learnings from HealthEngine and it’s Customers, and what the Future Holds

Dr Marcus Tan – CEO, HealthEngine

Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services: Digital Health Pioneers

Dr Marianne Wood – Public Health Medical Officer, Aboriginal Health Council of WA

Future of Primary Care delivery in the Digital Era

Dr Martin Samy – CEO, Samy Medical Group Pty Ltd.

Dr Christabel Samy – Medical Director, Samy Medical Group Pty Ltd.

The Adoption and Acceleration of Virtual Care in a COVID-19 World

Melanie Gates – General Manager of Virtual Care Solutions, Tesltra Health

Advancing of Knowledge and Therapeutics through Science and Technology are leading to Ever-increasing Healthcare Opportunities

Prof Fiona Wood – Director of Burns Service WA, South Metro Health Service and Child and Adolescent Health Service

TeleOphthalmology & Diabetic Retinopathy: Where Do We Stand Today?

Prof Jorge Cuadros – Professor, University of California, Berkely

Telemedicine is exhausting: Cognitive load associated with computer mediated communication.

Prof Kathryn Hird – Professor, University of Notre Dame

Digital Health Tools and Clinical Practice Procedures for Exercise Medicine and Allied Health Delivery

Prof Robert Newton – Professor of Exercise Medicine, Edith Cowan University

Virtual Reality as a Simulation-based Education Tool

Dr Robert Swart – Anaesthetist, Fiona Stanley and Fremantle Hospital Group

Digital Health Leadership for Clinicians

Adj/Prof Dr Sayanta Jana – Director of Medical Services, St John of God Midland Public and Private Hospitals

Something old, something new, something borrowed…..The rapid telehealth expansion

Prof Suzanne Robinson – Professor, Curtin University

Virtual Monitoring of Acute Inpatients – The New Horizon in Healthcare

Tim Leen – Service Director of Health in a Virtual Environment (HIVE), East Metro Health Service

Enhancing remote respiratory diagnosis with cough sound analysis: Objective evaluation of respiratory symptoms during Telehealth consults.

Tony Keating – CEO, ResApp Health

Why is digital leadership important?

Vincent Lam – Principal Consultant, Illuminance Solutions