In Australia, every year we lose between 18,000-54,000 people through medical errors[1] and incur 280,000 temporary disabilities.

In some jurisdictions, up to 50% of oncology drugs go to waste.

Globally, the counterfeit medication market is some $US3 trillion annually.

Health service administrators incur significant data entry overheads, due to the lack of interoperability, taking valuable resources from direct patient care.

Regulators are encountering resourcing challenges in fulfilling their surveillance and monitoring responsibilities.

Epidemiologists and public health custodians do not have ready access to anonymised diagnostic, prevention and treatment data in real time.

And how do we ensure the coming COVID19 vaccination doses go directly to where they are needed?

In the light of these, we present the case for Intelligent Procedural Packaging.

December 4 @ 16:10
16:10 — 16:30 (20′)

Gregg Boalch – Managing Director of Caretech Services