Between 30 and 50% of Telehealth consults involve respiratory disease, however no widely adopted tools are available for clinicians to objectively evaluate patient symptoms. The inability to confidently make a respiratory diagnosis during a Telehealth consult can be frustrating for the clinician and patient, who may be referred to an acute care centre where testing services are available. ResAppDx is a TGA approved diagnostic that tests for several common respiratory diseases. Based on cough sounds, the test is non-contact and entirely software-based, avoiding the need for the patient to have pre-purchased or acquired a device, such as a mobile spirometer. This allows an objective diagnostic test to be integrated into videoconferencing software or downloaded onto a smartphone to assist clinicians with their diagnosis. ResAppDx has recently been launched through two Australian Telehealth platforms, Coviu and Phenix Health, allowing patient’s experiencing respiratory symptoms to take the test shortly before their consult. The test results then help the clinician make an accurate diagnosis to better inform decisions on what further treatment or testing is required if any. Two large, blinded studies were performed at Australian emergency departments and 24/7 urgent care clinics to test the accuracy of the ResAppDx algorithms with a clinical diagnosis determined by an adjudication panel with accuracy ranging from 81 to 97%. Enhancing the accuracy of respiratory diagnosis improves patient care during remote consultations, reduces unnecessary referrals, better targets antibiotics to the patients who need them and improves patient satisfaction with Telehealth services.
December 3 @ 14:10
14:10 — 14:30 (20′)

Tony Keating – CEO at ResApp Health