The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing requirements and restrictions on non-essential face-to-face activity has fostered rapid increase in uptake of telehealth as a mode of delivery. Use of telephone and video consults has enabled clinical care to continue for patients unable to attend the hospital during COVID-19 restrictions, leading to a rapid rise in the use of this modality. What was achieved in four weeks in early 2020 –would have taken years pre COVID pandemic. This change in service delivery provides an opportunity to explore how the rapid upscaling of telehealth has impacted service activity and explore the effect of this on the health of patients. This presentation will provide information on some of the lessons of the telehealth upsurge and consider the innovations and possibilities alongside the challenges and threats associated with changes in service delivery.
December 4 @ 11:10
11:10 — 11:30 (20′)

Suzanne Robinson – Professor at Curtin University