With HealthEngine’s role in healthcare navigation, they help Aussies find, connect with and manage their GPs and other healthcare providers in one place. How patients and GPs connect took a dramatic turn during the first lockdown of the pandemic and HealthEngine pivoted its business to telehealth to help its GP customers stay open and patients continue to access care. With COVID-19 as the catalyst, the usage of telehealth scaled greatly in a few short weeks and generated learnings across continuity of care, phone vs video use, after hours telehealth and more. Both GPs and dedicated GP virtual care providers worked across the HealthEngine network to support patients across Australia with HealthEngine’s secure telehealth platform and 3rd party partnerships. As telehealth has expanded access to care along with more flexibility and patient consultation opportunities for GPs, Dr Marcus Tan will share learnings from HealthEngine and its practice customers and what the future holds.
December 4 @ 09:50
09:50 — 10:10 (20′)

Dr Marcus Tan – CEO of HealthEngine